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The Atonment

Hi Guys, Who celebrated the Atonment?

In not sure if I spelled it right. I did, it was pretty cool. You had to fast for 10 days. I messed up a few times though but i got through it. It was pretty tough.  Thats all!

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I often wonder why JESUS so much emphasized on 'LOVE'....reading the book of JOHN he goes on and on about love..he even said it was the Greatest commandment of all..John 13:34 ''A new commandment i give you that you love one another even as i hav luvd u''...often tyms pple fall out of relationships,marriages, nd their reasons...''THEY DONT FEEL LOVED''......1John 4:8 says ''GOD IS LOVE''...U see LOVE is not a feeling,it is a CHOICE..The bible says God is love,not God will be love or…


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fully depending on God's grace because that is the well spring of strength, focus, and ability. indeed in His sufficiency, we have been made perfect, whole and complete. WOW. praise God for Jesus!!!!

fully depending on God's grace because that is the well spring of strength, focus, and ability. indeed in His sufficiency, we have been made perfect, whole and complete. WOW. praise God for Jesus!!!!


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Light of the world

I want you to close your eyes. Now imagine you're in a warm house that is beautifully lit and while your inside, outside it's cold, dark, windy, and snowy. Then all of a sudden your power goes out. The house is becoming cold and so are you. Then, out of nowhere there is a single burning candle burning the room. The closer you get the warmer you feel; thats how Matthew 5:14-16 decribes us it says, "You are the light of the world. A city on top of a hill can't be hidden. Neither do people…


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Spiritual Warfare is Real !

Natural and spiritual things are two different things. Because they are different things you can not fight spiritual things naturally. Things of the spirit have to fought in the in the spirit or spiritually. OK here's the problem though not too many people can recognize a spiritual battle for several reasons one of them can simply be that they are spiritually blinded or can not differentiate the n

atural or the spiritual. Of course there could…

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David Winston, youth pastor at Living Word Christian Center and host of the Go Hard for Christ podcast, joins WCGR’s newest program, Chats & Tunes a las Cinco, to “go hard” over the airwaves!
Beginning at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, October 30th, listen live at CUChicago.edu/WCGR for inspiration, information, and perhaps a little religious exaltation!
EXCLUSIVELY on WCGR 88.5FM: The Underground!

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Hi ummm i nee to know how to add frieds and how to start doing biblestudy can anybody help me:-) i wouldlove it if someone woud really tell m how to do bible study!!!!!


                                                      - Yours Truly


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Please take your time to read this.!! :)


I don’t know if you heard of us, but Restoration House Chicago is committed to holistically addressing issues and systems set up to lure girls and young women into the lifestyle of sexual prostitution. As a group, we seek to address these issues and systems through Awareness, prevention, intervention and Services. Restoration House Chicago was founded by MICKIAL S. ORR and FRENDA R. RODGERS. Our mission of Restoration House Chicago is to eradicate the sexual trafficking and… Continue

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The Importance of Knowing God's Word !!

David said in Psalms 119:11 "Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee". This had me thinking, the only way David could hide God's word in his heart is if he had it or knew it. Think about it the only way to hide something is if you already have possession of it or you know it right? Which brings out my point basically what I'm trying to say is so much sinning is going on because people lack the knowledge of God's word. There isn't enough people "hiding His word in…


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The POWER of Meditation & Media


            Several years ago I had come to a point in my life where I was frustrated. I was reading my Bible, going to church, and praying daily, but I still felt like I was failing in my spiritual walk and I didn’t know why. It seemed like almost every time the temptation to do the wrong thing came, as much as I would fight it, I would still fall to that temptation.


            I also knew a number of youth who, like me, were doing all the things that…


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Leaders live with people to know their problems and Leaders live with God to solve the problems of the people

Leaders live with people to know their problems and Leaders live with God to solve the problems of the people Continue

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be careful on how you lead people

Isaiah 9:16 those who led the people led them the wrong direction and those who followed them were destroyed.... Alot of people are leading people the wrong way in this world in the churches and the people they leading are goin the wrong way and destruction is goin to come if it hasn't...that was in the spirit now this is in the natural say for instance you tell somebody the radging bull at six fl…

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my soul loves jesus bless his name!

my soul loves jesus bless his name!


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Do what God wants you to do and fill your heart with the most warm and heavenly closeness there is to have...God wants you to smile...smile with joy in heart...smile for the people who needs it most...smile because God is the lord of hosts!!!

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This event was life changing! I can say that the Lord truly was in that place! Then feeling of God being with me is so refreshing! I can say that I have an even greater relationship with God then ever before! If you didn't go, I advise you go next year and BE NOT ASHAMED!!!!


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being born again

if somebody came up to you and asked you that are born again and your reply being YES AND I PROUD T O BE.

he then asks how do you know that you are born again? what would you say?

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The Encounter

The UN-ashamed Encounter that took place last weekend was amazing! It was a great way to reconnect with christ, or be introduced to him for the very first time. It was also a great way to learn how to  become a disciple of Christ. The teachings were brought from so many people, and they were taught so beautifuly, and uniquely. It was awsome, and I can't wait to be appart of the next one.

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I made a poem today (Sunday). I was thinking about it because yesterday I was delivered and set free at the Unashamed Youth Encounter. So enjoy! And feedback would be nice :)




What does that mean?


Say it,…


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Religion Does Not Equal Relationship !!

               As long as I can remember I’ve watched people I guess you can call this stalkerish in a way but it’s true.  Watching people has helped me learn what to do, what not to do and how to do it.  One thing I’ve noticed is how people throw around the word religion but the religion they claim to have or is their life did not seem to match.  I’ve heard one person say that they were Catholic but did not practice it.  Now I cannot speak for the Catholics, the Muslims, the Jews or even…


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Ideas For Art Use?

I like to draw, it's a big hobby of mine. I spend a lot of the day just doing random doodles. After thinking for a while i'm having a hard time coming up with ways i can put my artistic abilities to good use at/in/around church. Hopefully an art group will be formed at church but at the moment there isn't. But does anyone have ideas for ways I can use my abilities in church somehow. The little things count as well!.…


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